About me + Insomniac Fair Usage Policy

I’m a computer technician running my own PC repair business in Bethesda, MD.  I have a degree in Comp Sci and worked for many years as a programmer. I have one employee. Myself.

My specialty is finding solutions to somebody’s PC crisis of the day. I work only in Bethesda inside the Beltway and surrounding neighborhoods. This service area is densely populated and keeps me busy. Send me a comment if you need my services.

I’m strictly residential and work on both Windows and Apple computers. I’m also proficient in Linux. I obsess with fixing a problem once I am presented with it. Failure is not an option. Sometimes sleep isn’t an option either. This is me around 2 AM in my office, looking at a computer that does not function and thinking about what to do next.


This is me after fixing the problem.

Photo on 2012-02-07 at 16.39

Ha Ha. Back to being serious. This is my first post on my new technical blog. As often as possible, I’ll be discussing the technical issue of the day.  Despite the name, this blog isn’t about my PC repair business.

Instead, it’s about technical issues I have encountered and solved. The solution may have come from some obscure page on the Web, or it might be an original solution. The relationship to my PC repair business, of course, are the sheer number of computer problems my customers present to me each week. Average users couldn’t have this many PC issues in years. Poor saps they would be if they did. These issues, several a week, provide me with an opportunities to apply what I have learned, or to learn a new solution to a new problem. It’s a very satisfying job.

The major purpose of this blog is to function as an archive for all the tips and fixes I have found on the Internet or discovered myself. Hopefully somebody agonizing over the same problem might find this blog helpful (if they ever find it).

Upcoming blog posts will be about setting up Nautilus properly on an LXDE Linux PC in order to use Samba easily, poor flash performance on Linux, using Linux as a reliable and cheap senior citizen PC, and discussing why in the world an AOL PFC file cannot be transferred from Windows to Mac. There will be postings on easy ways to install guest additions in Linux running under Virtualbox, and various kinds of email conversions. Also lots of Windows Media Center posts. Stay tuned if these kind of topics interest you, or if you’re an insomniac desperate for sleep.

Insomniac Fair Usage Policy: I know that what is exciting to me is not exciting to everyone. For most people, reading these posts is like watching paint dry. However, if you have bookmarked and are reading my treasured posts for the express purpose of inducing sleep, please contact me. I don’t mind, but there is a minor and very reasonable charge for using my posts in this fashion.

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