Google’s Black Toolbar and Old Maps Page

Note to Insomniacs: This is a very short posting, and totally unsuitable for sleep sufferers aiming to snooze. Any other posting of mine will work better.

About 7 months ago, Google’s black toolbar disappeared. The top of the page used to look like this:


One click on News or Youtube and the desired page appeared.

It was replaced by this:


This takes two clicks to get to news. The first click is on the group of nine dots (hovering over it produces a balloon message that says “Apps”). Then a drop down list appears containing Youtube and News, and you must perform a second click on one of these for the page to appear.

Why is Google forcing me to click twice instead of once? Is that progress? Did a twenty year old come up with this? What thought process resulted in this “enhancement”? And the new Google page doesn’t even work with older versions of Firefox, where clicking on the nine dot group causes no drop down list to appear.

There’s also another annoyance. The new webpage sets a cookie that remembers your answer to “Do you want to make this your home page”. If you remove cookies after each session like I do, this prompt appears every time you start your browser. The old web page does not do this.

There’s a way to get back your beloved black toolbar if that’s what you want or need. Merely make this your home page:

Google’s Maps has also changed, and not for the better. The buttons are much tinier and have been rearranged for seemingly no reason at all. Here is the link to the old Maps page, which I have bookmarked and so can you.

That’s all folks. As you can now see, this posting is no cure for insomnia.

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