Sometimes Things Go Wrong

At the time of the founding of this nation, “well regulated” didn’t mean the same thing it means today. Today it is taken to mean a set of rules and laws that determine how a specific entity should behave.  These entities are typically companies and individuals.

Back in 1776, it meant something different. Something that worked efficiently, or at the very least worked OK, was considered well regulated. A clock that kept good time was considered to be “well regulated”.

Not everything works in a well regulated fashion. A graphic example of this is shown below. In 2012, the annual San Diego fireworks did not perform as intended due to a computer glitch. All of the fireworks scheduled for the 45 minute celebration went off at the same time, resulting in a stunning display of unwellregulatedness.


The point of this post is philosophical, not technical. People become upset when their PCs malfunction, yet rarely do they stop to think about how complicated this device really is. Computer hardware and the associated operating system are incredibly complex. That it works so well most of the time is pretty fantastic if you think about it. It’s truly a triumph of human ingenuity.

Like all things though, it’s not perfect. In the course of the life cycle of a computer, it’s a given fact that it will cease to become “well regulated” at least a few times. That’s what keeps me in business.

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